Airborne Innovations supported World View Enterprises in sending a KFC Zinger Burger into near space attached to a World View stratospheric balloon with payload pod.

Airborne Innovations consulted and provided hardware for a multiple camera long range wireless HD video system based on our COTS modules including multiple simultaneous HD camera feeds, using multiple Picoraptor HD encoders with Blackmagic micro cinema cameras, our miniature ethernet switch module, a Picoradio, and an 8W bidirectional RF amplifier. World View provided flight hardware and a tracking antenna for the base station. The system included the capability for RTP / RTP multicast broadcast, monitoring from multiple base stations, and bidirectional control including camera and encoder settings, payload control, and telemetry. The customer was able to transmit 4 simultaneous HD camera feeds at 24+ miles in testing (with longer range capability in flight).

More details and video is at:
Hilarous KFC announcement with actor Rob Lowe as Colonel Sanders

KFC Recap and flight video

Worldview mini documentary

The story leaks!

Official website https://yesweareactuallysendingachickensandwichto.space/

or http://kfcin.space


Tucson Weekly:  Chicken Flies, Comes Back Down

Space.com: KFC Flying Chicken Sandwich Bankrolling World View Balloon Test Flight

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