We will be exhibiting our Picoradio OEM module, Picocamera, and Picoraptor HDMI 1080p encoder in San Jose at the Commercial UAV Expo, at our booth #521, Nov 15-16 2016. We are partnering with Microhard Systems in the adjacent booth, showcasing our powerful and compact Picoradio OEM board featuring the Microhard pDDL radio module.

We have two demo aircraft set up:
Aircraft#1 is our flight test multicopter with a dual simultaneous camera system, with a gimbaled HDMI camera connected to our 40x40mm Picoraptor 1080P HD video encoder, and a second simultaneous camera channel, our 720P global shutter Picocamera, both connected to our 40x40mm Picoradio OEM board along with our SBUS module.  

Aircraft#2 is a heavy lifter multicopter from partner Aerial Technology Inc (ATI), with our Raptor4K 20x 3840×2160 @30fps zoom camera live 4K transmission payload configured side by side on a gimbal with a FLIR 640×512 Vue LWIR thermal camera connected to our Picoraptor HD encoder (using 720P HDMI), Picoradio, and SBUS modules and for a dual simultaneous camera Search and Rescue payload configuration.

The flexible system as configured features long range dual channel HD video, autopilot command and control (connected in both these cases to a Pixhawk avionics), and also demonstrates SBUS control over our tiny but capable long range 5 mile+ Picoradio module.  The system provides multi-channel HD video, command and control, and manual piloting/gimbal control over a single frequency link.

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