The Idaho National Laboratories RaptorEye RADAS application was featured in the Prosilica Newsletter at:

Case Study: Prosilica Cameras Go Airborne

The RaptorEye system is now available with an internal 2.4 GHz, 1 Watt, 30+ megabit radio link.  900 MHz and 5.8 Ghz versions are also possible.  This provides a very compact lightweight solution for high bandwidth imagery transmission.  Very long range transmission can be achieved by combining this system with a steerable antenna on the ground.  Contact us for more details.

Onboard internal storage of 64+ GB is also an option.

August 2008

Idaho National Laboratory Completes Rapid Airfield Damage Assessment System demonstration with RaptorEye

INL used Airborne Innovations’ RaptorEye imaging system combined with a state of the art Prosilica 16 Megapixel GigE camera and the Arcturus T15 aircraft to perform a rapid acquisition and transmission demonstration for the Air Force Research Laboratory.

16 megapixel images were acquired every few seconds, automatically triggered based on aircraft flight plan location, and transmitted via broadband datalink to the ground for mosaicing.

Download INL RADAS Brochure (6MB download)


courtesy INL

Case study of INL RADAS RaptorEye configuration

See also the Sample Imagery

June 2008

AUVSI 2008

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The new RaptorEye and IceWarning brochures can be downloaded at:
RaptorEye Brochure

IceWarning Brochure

October 2007

Visit us at UVS Canada in booth 10 as part of the Raven Project

Raven Project

Case study of Raven Project See and Avoid research using the RaptorEye (now using broadband 2.4 / 5.8 GHz datalink)

August 2007
New High Performance Imaging System with integrated broadband datalink released!

We are proud to release RaptorEye, our newest UAV imaging system payload!
It combines extremely high computing performance, a high speed integrated UHF megabit datalink (or optional external broadband datalink such as the Microhard VIP-2400/VIP-5800 links), and support for Lumenera and many other multi-megapixel digital cameras.
The system has a Core 2 Duo processor (various performance / power consumption options) 4 USB 2.0 ports, gigabit ethernet, 2 RS232/RS422 ports, optional firewire or analog video capture, and more.
The system provides realtime downlink of high resolution imagery, and can support downlink of imagery from multi-megapixel digital cameras mounted in the Cloud Cap TASE family of gimbals.
The system can also fill the role of Open Aerial Imaging Platform for general purpose high performance aerial computing, imaging and video processing.

Product brochure is available at:
Download Brochure

UVS 2006 article describing Satcam missions in the Torres Strait
UVS International published an article on the Airborne Innovations Satcam system and Aerosonde Satcam missions.
It is available online at:
UAVs to Patrol the Torres Straits

Case study of satcomm imaging configuration with current generation RaptorEye system

Airborne Innovations FlightMosaic software v0.9.5 released
August 2006

Airborne Innovations has released new software for UAV aerial image mosaicing.  The software performs full orthocorrection and terrain correction.  The software lowers the barrier to entry for low cost UAV imagery product generation.

Download FlightMosaic Brochure

Aerosonde successfully deploys Airborne Innovations’ Satcam imaging system for Coastwatch Australia trial
September 2005

Aerosonde Ocean photo

Australian UAV company Aerosonde was awarded a $600,000 contract to undertake UAV surveillance and detection trials for Coastwatch in the Torres Strait in 2005-06.

Airborne Innovations supplied Aerosonde with Satcam systems to allow near-realtime satellite transmission and archiving of daylight, low light, and large format digital still images.

The Satcam system is an enabling technology for beyond line of sight imaging for small long-endurance UAV’s such as the 15 kg, 3 meter wingspan Aerosonde.

Aerosonde press release

Case study of satcomm imaging configuration with current generation RaptorEye system

UAV MegaCam and Satcam Now Support Automatic Georeferencing and Image Mosaicing

Airborne Innovations imaging systems now feature automatic georeferencing, image mosaicing, orthocorrection, and realtime map mosaic display!

The system obtains aircraft data from a Piccolo UAV avionics or standard NMEA source via a secondary serial port.  Aircraft metadata including GPS data and attitude are attached to the image, and the ground-based imagery application georeferences the images and displays and mosaics the georeferenced images on a map display as they arrive in realtime.  The system outputs georeferenced images, aircraft metadata, and raw images for a high degree of flexibility.

An aircraft-view image simulator is also provided to test the system on the ground.

Automatic image mosaicing and georeferencing from an autonomous scanning flight plan with a Piccolo avionics.
(Click thumbnail for higher resolution)

Realtime image mosaic zooming capability:
Shockwave Demo

UAV MegaCam RT

The MegaCam system is a multi-megapixel imaging payload for UAVs, optimized for low bandwidth datalinks.  MegaCam enables realtime extremely high resolution image transmission over standard UAV datalinks.

New image compression technology smashes the idea that you need megabit datalinks to send multi-megapixel images.

*The system can also send multi-megapixel images over ultra low bandwidth satellite links such as Iridium or Globalstar.  A continuous mapping mosaic can be created in near realtime over satcomm, with excellent quality multi-megapixel images transmitted over satcomm in as little as 25 seconds.  It is a stunning, practical capability which did not exist before.*

This system is compatible with the Cloud Cap Technology Piccolo avionics, and allows multi-megapixel images to be transmitted over the Piccolo’s standard datalink.

The system can also be operated standalone with a transparent datalink.

Power consumption: 3W avg
Weight: 110 grams (not including cables)

Download MegaCam Brochure


SatCam is a miniature satellite communications imaging solution, compatible with the Iridium and Globalstar satellite networks. This system enables remote imaging anywhere in the world, anytime.
Wherever you need realtime images, SatCam is there.  Applications range from beyond-line-of-sight capable UAVs to the oil and gas industry, hazards and remote security monitoring, ship and cargo container monitoring, oceanic monitoring, and anywhere a small, remote imaging capability is needed.

This system is also compatible with the Cloud Cap Technology Piccolo avionics, and allows images to be transmitted over the Piccolo’s standard datalink, over an Iridium datalink connected to the Piccolo, or as a standalone device connected only to an Iridium or Globalstar transceiver.  The system now supports near one-frame-per second video over Globalstar(!), and makes it possible for a small UAV to send gimballed video over satcomm!

Download SatCam Brochure

Carbon Fiber PC/104 Boxes for UAV Payloads

Now Available
with integrated electromagnetic shielding


Now Available
IceWarning is a lightweight and low cost sensor used to warn UAVs and small aircraft of potential aircraft icing conditions.