Picocamera is an integrated camera and IP video encoder solution. It is currently available with a 720P global shutter camera module, and mates well with Picoradio to form a long range integrated video link solution.

For small quantities, please order using the web based ordering system below. For larger quantities please contact us by email or phone.


Picocamera 720P Global Shutter Camera with Integrated IP Encoder

· Weight 38.5g
· Dimensions: boards 40x40mm (approx 40×44 mm with connectors),
· 28mm high board stack with connectors
· approx 52mm long with lens
· Sensor: 720p HD video, with global shutter sensor
· 1080p rolling shutter sensor option
· Power: 12V input
· Output: Ethernet IP video stream, RTSP
· Bitrate: 1-5 Mbps @ 720P30
· Latency: End to end latency as low as approximately 100 msec.

 Download Picocamera Manual

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