We are excited to present our latest miniature OEM product, the Picoradio board. Based on the new Microhard pDDL, the board is a full-featured picominiature advanced datalink module geared at demanding miniature long range vehicle applications.

Picoradio is our advanced single link system for UAS/Multicopters.  With it you can perform 3 functions in one- HD video capable data rates, autopilot command & control, and manual control with our addon SBUS passthrough module.  Picoradio is a high power long range broadband COFDM link.  The board has a ton of onboard features all crammed into a tiny 18 gram package.

Here are some of the feature highlights:

  • 1W COFDM RF output  (typical range with very basic antennas is 5 miles, much longer range is possible with high gain antennas / RF amplifiers / tracking antennas where possible)
  • Dual diversity receive / dual antenna ports
  • Robust secure latching compact connectors
  • Dual ethernet ports- use as ethernet bridge ports or separate LAN segments.
  • 2x Transparent serial ports (one is switchable RS232/3.3V TTL, one is TTL only), both supporting up to 115200 baud, Pixhawk compatible pinout, with 5V@1A output available on the serial port connectors.
  • Wide input range efficient buck-boost operation (8-58V input at full output power, 5-58V with limitations)
  • Auxiliary power output, 12V@2A typical or up to 12V@5A (input voltage limitations).  Capable of powering cameras / gimbals etc. from wide input range battery power.
  • Power over ethernet possible (separate power and data lines)
  • Sophisticated bandwidth modes for 20+ Mbps throughput
  • 2.4 GHz version initially available, to be followed by 900 MHz, 1.3 GHz versions in the future
  • pDDL advanced bandwidth modes
  • RF channels available outside the standard wifi frequency range
  • Support for external RF amplifiers (provision for external Tx/Rx line control, or use with automatic direction detecting RF amps).
  • Compatible with our external tiny SBUS module for manual control passthrough of up to 16 manual control channels over the same secure datalink (works great with Taranis), and wireless SBUS manual pilot console connection.
  • Serial / SBUS data prioritized over video data (and has more sensitivity for this data due to the use of additional modulation codes)
  • Size: 40x40x10mm
  • Weight: 17.6 grams



Picoradio is in stock!  See below for online ordering.

Please note that the secondary serial port is fully functional. Documentation will be updated shortly to reflect this.

The first revision of our board was highly successful and functional.  Revision 1.1 included a move to JST-GH connectors for serial and ethernet for robustness. We have also added some minor features.
This version uses the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band at up to 1W RF output. This is not a wifi radio, this uses a superior COFDM modulation which is optimized for vehicle use.
For more information on our radio module see the specifications, datasheet, and manual below.
For more information on the Microhard pDDL module see their web site.

The default is no encryption, which is exportable. 128-bit encryption is available for some customers but has export restrictions.

You need at least two radios to communicate. You could either use two Picoradios, or one Picoradio and one Microhard pDDL with pDDL motherboard, or Microhard’s enclosed pDDL unit (at the moment that would need to be purchased from Microhard).

For small quantities, please order using the web based ordering system below.  For larger quantities please contact us by email or phone.

Please note that cable kits are separate.

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Picoradio Datasheet

Picoradio Manual