Picoraptor is a compact HD video encoder solution.

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It is a 40x40mm HD video compression board stack which supports digital video input at 720p60 or 1080p30.
Picoraptor (or Picocamera) can mate with our Picoradio board to form a miniature long range HD video link + command and control link (and with our optional SBUS module for manual control).
· Picoradio can be mounted in a stack with the Picoraptor board or can be mounted separately.
· The FLIR Vue camera works well with Picoraptor with FLIR’s digital video module (which outputs in 720p video format) for long range realtime IR video transmission.
· Multiple cameras (one or more Picoraptor encoders or Picocamera) can be connected to Picoradio for simultaneous video feed transmission.


 Download Picoraptor Video Encoder Manual

· Dimensions: boards 40x40mm (approx 40×44 mm with connectors)
· Power: 12V input
· Interface: DVI, MicroSD card,
· Output: Ethernet IP video stream, RTSP, RTP, MISB compatible
· Bitrate: 64Kbps to 12 Mbps, 720P30/720P60 / 1080P30
· Latency: As low as approximately 100 msec depending on input and settings.
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