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RaptorEye:  Rapid realtime image and metadata transmission

High Performance Imaging System with integrated or external broadband datalink, transmits high performance streaming multi megapixel large format images and metadata, also supports low bandwidth Iridium / Globalstar satcomm image transmission for beyond line of sight missions.  Applications include UAVs, manned aerial aircraft, ground vehicles.

RaptorEye is an aerial imaging solution capable of transmitting multi megapixel rapid streaming images over an optional integrated 900 / 2.4 GHz (1W) / 5.8 GHz broadband link, or over other broadband datalinks such as the 54 megabit Microhard OFDM VIP900/2400/5800 links, and over the Globalstar and Iridium satcomm systems. It integrates well with the Cloud Cap Piccolo avionics, or can function standalone. It can provide rapid compression, transmission, and onboard archiving of imagery from multiple high performance digital cameras optionally mounted in the Cloud Cap TASE family of gimbals.

Supports 2 to 16+ megapixel families of Prosilica, Lumenera, and other user configurable cameras
Compression and resolution selectable so the user can trade off quality and transmission time

• Dual Gigabit ethernet / 4 USB2, Firewire / analog video inputs possible
• optional internal broadband datalink (2.4GHz 1 Watt, 900 MHz and 5.8GHz also available)
• Supports external Microhard VIP datalink
• Iridium satcomm image transmission option
• up to 64GB+ onboard image storage
• Wavelet / JPEG / Raw / TIFF image formats

• Integrated support for the Prosilica and Lumenera families of multi megapixel cameras, other USB2/gigabit ethernet/firewire/analog cameras possible (CameraLink possible with Pleora iPort GigE interface)

• Some possible cameras:  Prosilica GE4900C 16 Megapixel, GC2450C 5 Megapixel, GE1910C 1920×1080 HD, Lumenera LW230C 2 Megapixel
• Hardware and flight plan based image acquisition triggering
• Extremely high computing performance, scalable to available
power (also with low power options to tune requirements to your
• Optional firewire / analog video capture, 2xRS232/RS422, GPIO
• High compression performance capable of supporting realtime
image downlink of very large format images (i.e. 2 to16 megapixel)
• Multiple camera support, user customizable cameras
• Cloud Cap Piccolo Ready
• Integrates with Cloud Cap TASE gimbal family
• Piccolo / NMEA metadata
• Supports satcomm (Iridium and Globalstar ready) or other
transparent serial or ethernet UHF datalinks
• Video output available for video processing, WUXGA and
composite/component out
• Optional encryption (non-export version)
• Supports a wide variety of off-the-shelf multi-megapixel industrial
and consumer-level digital cameras (standard cameras + user
• Ready to use camera and compression module, or customizable to a variety of camera and image capture solutions.
• GPS and aircraft attitude metadata input
• Onboard image storage available, USB2.0 storage options available
• EMI Shielded Carbon Fiber Box
• Open imaging platform for custom applications
• Source code licensing available
High Performance Imaging System with integrated broadband datalink released!

We are proud to release RaptorEye, our newest imaging system payload!
It combines extremely high computing performance, a high speed integrated broadband datalink (or optional external broadband datalinks such as the Microhard VIP-2400/VIP-5800 links), and support for Lumenera, Prosilica, and many other multi-megapixel digital cameras.
The system has a Core 2 Duo processor (various performance / power consumption options), up to 4 USB 2.0 ports, dual gigabit ethernet, 2 RS232/RS422 ports, optional firewire or analog video capture, and more.
The system provides realtime downlink of high resolution imagery, and can support downlink of imagery from multi-megapixel digital cameras mounted in the Cloud Cap TASE family of gimbals.
The system can also fill the role of Open Aerial Imaging Platform for general purpose high performance aerial computing, imaging and video processing.