SBUS Passthrough Modules for Serial Radios

Our SBUS-Serial modules allow serial radios like our Picoradio to provide pass-through SBUS control.

These modules (SBUS to Serial and Serial to SBUS) allow long range transparent transmission of SBUS manual control commands over the Picoradio link, enabling the manual control portion of a 3-in-one video + command & control + manual piloting link system. They are compatible with Microhard NanoDDL and PicoDDL radios and any transparent serial radio link with suitable characteristics (with low latency and strong link characteristics).
These modules can be used for manual piloting as well as gimbal and payload control.
They work well with the Pixhawk avionics. With a FrSky Taranis radio they can pass through 16 channels of SBUS control. They can also work in conjunction with SBUS to PWM converters to control multiple PWM servos directly.

The SBUS Kit comes with both modules as well as an RS232 converter that can allow plugging the base station module directly into a Microhard base station. The modules are also available individually.

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Airborne Innovations SBUS Module ManualAirborne Innovations SBUS Module Manual