We will be exhibiting our Picoradio OEM module, Picocamera, and Picoraptor HDMI 1080p encoder in Las Vegas at the Commercial UAV Expo, in Microhard’s booth #330, Oct 31-Nov 2.

We have a demo aircraft set up with a dual simultaneous camera system, with a gimbaled HDMI camera connected to our 40x40mm Picoraptor 1080P HD video encoder, and a second simultaneous camera channel, our 720P global shutter Picocamera, both connected to our 40x40mm Picoradio OEM board along with our SBUS module.  The flexible system as configured features long range dual channel HD video, autopilot command and control (connected in this case to a Pixhawk avionics), and also demonstrates SBUS control over our tiny but capable long range 5 mile+ Picoradio module.  The system provides multi-channel HD video, command and control, and manual piloting/gimbal control over a single frequency link.

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