One of our partners, UASUSA, provided this video from their Tempest UAV, recorded live on the ground at a range of 5 miles from the base station with a modest antenna setup using our MicroraptorHD 2.4 GHz COFDM system and the new Airborne Innovations AGS720p Global Shutter Microcamera.

The advantage of this camera is that each frame is a full frame snapshot, so there are no ‘jello’ rolling shutter artifacts like you may have seen with some cameras (with rolling shutter cameras the image is exposed as it is read out of the camera from top to bottom, so any camera motion produces warping artifacts).  The camera has an M12 lens mount and is very compact and light weight (0.6 x 0.8″).

Be sure and view at 720p quality (youtube has degraded the video from the original quality, which was recorded at 720p at 60fps).

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