Airborne Innovations is proud to present MicroraptorHD

The enabling technology for wireless long range HD video.


• 720p / 1080p / SD video
• Multiple camera support
• Flexible camera interfaces
• Bidirectional command and control / payload link
• RF Output up to 1 watt


• Incredibly compact
• Light weight – 50 grams (1.76 oz) unhoused
Wide range power input
• Encryption available up to AES-256
• Designed to meet unmanned vehicle requirements



• Size 116x45x20mm (4.21×1.77×0.78″) with enclosure,
114x53x15mm (4.48×1.69×0.59″) bare board with radio,
or as small as 114x43x5mm (4.48×1.69×0.19″)
• Weight 50 grams (1.76 oz) unhoused, or 23 grams for the bare board
• Power 9-32V DC, ~6-8W with radio, <2W without radio
• Interfaces Ethernet, RS232, CAN bus, USB,
Dual 50 pin digital video interfaces
• Video Storage Removable MicroSD card (supports up to 32GB)


• RF Power Output 1 Watt
• Licensed and unlicensed bands available
• 2.32 to 2.37 GHz licensed COFDM
• 2.400 to 2.4835 GHz unlicensed OFDM
• 1.67 to 1.70 GHz licensed COFDM
• 1.3 GHz licensed COFDM
• 1-6 GHz bands possible
• Modulation COFDM / OFDM
• Bandwidth 12+ Mbps
• RF Sensitivity -90 to -95 dBm

Camera Interface Options
• Micro 1080p + 5 megapixel camera module (10mm x 10mm)
• Component HD video input (Supports i.e. Sony FCB-H11 HD Block Camera)
• Micro IR camera
• Standard definition composite video
• Sony Block Camera Direct Digital Interface (Supports i.e. Sony FCB-EH6300/FCB-EH4300/FCB-SE600)
• HDMI Digital Video Input
• Camera specific interfaces are in development for a number of suitable
unmanned vehicle digital video cameras

Download MicroraptorHD BrochureDownload MicroraptorHD Brochure


Airborne Innovations' MicroraptorHD, world's smallest wireless HD video link + command and control datalink

MicroraptorHD with Microhard Nano Digital Data Link

MicroraptorHD bare board with Microhard Nano Digital Data Link

Airborne Innovations’ MicroraptorHD is a very compact high definition digital video link designed for applications requiring minimal size, weight, and power.   It combines a dual camera interface, a bidirectional digital video and command and control link which can be used as a primary or backup vehicle data link, and high performance H.264 video compression up to a full 1920×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second.

MicroraptorHD is an enabling technology for high definition video transmission from some of the smallest micro air vehicles.  Larger vehicles can benefit from the  minimal size, weight, and power requirements.

The multiple camera interface allows systems such as daytime + infrared camera combinations to be connected.  Multiple combinations of imager interfaces are supported, from micro HD camera modules as small as 10mmx10mm, to component analog HD / analog SD, Sony HD Block Camera digital interface, HDMI, and camera specific digital video interfaces.

Communications interfaces include ethernet, serial, and CAN bus.   Camera gimbals can be directly connected to the system for SD+HD video transmission as well as command and control of the gimbal.  Multiple boards can be connected together for multiple simultaneous HD and/or SD video channels with a single radio.

The board can be used in combination with a Microhard Nano Digital Data Link or as a standalone ethernet based video compression board for use with external datalinks.

A digital video expansion port allows for future advanced features.

A microSD storage card enables high quality video and metadata recording on board.

The system has been designed with requirements and feedback from a number of commercial and military customers.

Custom solutions are possible.
Please get in touch with your requirements!

Here is a quick demo video: